The EcoVeyor™

A PDF download of the EcoVeyor brochure is also availalble.

The Ecotech System represents a dramatic breakthrough in materials handling. The patented Ecotech technology, the EcoVeyor™ flow processor, organizes and shapes the airflow to provide significant operational benefits:

  • Lower product attrition = increased value
  • Lower pipe wear = longer production life
  • Lower energy and less maintenance = lower cost and less downtime
  • Long-distance and high-angle conveying = lower transportation costs
  • Positive environmental benefits through closed-loop design = good stewardship
  • Separation of particulates by mass = increased product value
  • Non-thermal moisture removal = lower energy costs
  • Modular system design = low impact on space and lower start-up costs

The Ecotech System™ is a total materials-handling solution.

Ecotech can help you increase efficiency and reduce costs through the implementation of its value-added technology. For more information about the EcoVeyor and applications of the technology in low-pressure air transportation, contact Ecotech at or by phone at 1-877-883-2517.