Welcome to Ecotech Systems

Ecotechnology, Ltd. (Ecotech) is a process technology company focused on fluids applications in solids, gases, and liquids transportation.

The patented Ecotech System can be utilized in a myriad of industries including minerals processing, agricultural, recycling, ecological, and energy markets.

The Ecotech System offers:

  • Simple Design
  • Compact Layout
  • Easy Operation
  • Low Maintenance
  • Competitive Cost
  • Low Energy Usage

In the case of granular solids applications, the EcoVeyor™ benefits the user with minimal product attrition, low line wear, and operational efficiencies in terms of energy, capital and maintenance costs.

The SpiroFlo™ derivative of the technology was developed specifically for liquid applications and can be used for mixing, separating, and transporting liquids and gases.

In multiple market applications, the Ecotech System can both reduce operational costs and offer significant benefits in a cost-effective manner. Ecotech is developing technological applications in several markets both directly and also through strategic alliances with industry partners and licensors.

Based in Englewood, CO, Ecotech provides a proven technology offering a value-added solution to customers in domestic U.S. and international markets alike.

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